Rough Blowjob For Big-Titted Thai Bargirl!

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Rough Blowjob For Big-Titted Thai Bargirl!

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I met big-breasted Thai babe Maye at a bar in Bangkok a few months ago and proceeded to secretly film her while she fucked my brains out in a short-time room. Although she didn’t strike me as the most beautiful whore in the world、 her massive natural melons drew me in like a moth to a flame. I had to have them!I wanted to film Maye again but this time with a proper camera、 not my spycams. I had to capture those giant jiggly jugs in all their glory for you、 my fans! So I texted Maye and told her I’d give her 3、000 baht if she’d come down to Pattaya from Bangkok and let me fuck her face and fondle her ripe tits on camera and she instantly agreed! After texting、 she was down in Pattaya within three hours eagerly awaiting a good、 proper face-fuck. I played with her big natural tits as she bounced them up and down for me、 turning me on greatly. Then I spent the next 20 minutes sliding my 9-inch cock in and out of Maye’s empty skull cavity until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I finally unleashed a torrent of hot sticky sperm all over Maye’s ripe juicy jugs、 then told the whore to get the fuck out of my apartment.

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