Cute Thai Teen Maid Impregnated At Work!

HD ロリ 外国人 生ハメ 中出し お姉さん コスプレ

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Cute Thai Teen Maid Impregnated At Work!

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Banging hot teens is one of my all time favorite hobbies. Sure、 I like women in their 20’s too、 but there’s something about that pure、 teenage freshness that turns me on like nothing else. If you’re over 30 and you live in the western world、 fucking a teenager right out of high school、 even if completely of legal age、 is considered shady and creepy. Why??? These girls are perfect budding flowers just coming into bloom. And we’re hungry honey bees just itching to spread our pollen!Which brings me to this week’s Bangmaid – Chimlin. You guys might recognize this petite little teen hooker from a few months ago when I brought her back to my apartment for some hidden cam fun. Chimlin kept hitting me up for money (super annoying….) so I finally thought why not hire the empty-headed teeny-bopper for some hardcore maid service. Sure、 I could’ve just paid her 1、000 baht to come over to my apartment and let me pound her fresh teen fuckholes、 but as my “relationships” with these whores start to mature、 I need more in return. If she wants to get paid、 she better learn to be a maid. After testing out Chimlin’s housecleaning skills by making her sweep the floor and dust the counters in a skimpy uniform、 it was time to test out her most important skills – sucking and fucking. I of course had already sampled her sweet、 smooth honey-pot quite a few times、 but not after getting my house cleaned. For some reason it’s so much hotter to have one of these bitches clean the apartment before cleaning my cock. I guess it’s nice to fuck in a clean house? After a long、 slow blowjob (in which she could barely fit my meat into her tiny little mouth) I plowed into Chimlin’s barely legal beaver and ravished the little whore. She’s such a petite female that every time I thrust deep inside her pussy、 her face winced with pain (so hot!). I thought I might break the little whore in half so I decided to finally unload deep into Chimlin’s tight little breeding hole while she was on her back in missionary on a table. When I was just about to cum I told her that I was going to get her pregnant、 and she just smiled and didn’t protest at all. First day of the job and gets knocked up by the boss? What a perfect way to start the week! I can’t wait to see her tiny belly expand over the next few months with my western baby inside….stay tuned!

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