Ripe Fertile Milk Cow Bred By Bull on Spycam!

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Ripe Fertile Milk Cow Bred By Bull on Spycam!

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Jugs. Globes. Boobs. Melons.. Whatever you want to call them、 we as men are drawn to them like moths to a flame. They’re irresistible. Although in general I tend to gravitate toward petite spinners、 there’s nothing like a nice set of natural juicy breasts on a woman to break up the monotony. *****Take this week’s secretly spied on whore for example – Maye. Of all the girls at the gogo I was frequenting this evening、 Maye didn’t have the prettiest face. But when she stepped on stage and grabbed the pole and started shaking her fat natural funbags、 I fell under her spell. They looked natural、 but it was hard to tell while sitting at the back of the bar. So I did what any responsible monger would do in my situation. I called Maye down for a drink so I could personally evaluate her “assets、” hehehe.*****With this well-endowed hooker sitting on my lap、 I started conducting my “interview” by sliding my hands under her bikini and squeezing her ripe titties like a rancher inspecting his prized cattle. Oh my God、 these titties felt so fucking good! Soft yet firm; full-bodied yet perky. Maye just smiled and giggled as I fondled her funbags publicly. She loved the attention and I was happy to boost her self-esteem. I had to get this big-titted bimbo home with me asap and fondle her sweater-meat in private!*****I paid the barfine and we went back to my hotel where I could get a better view of her massive mammaries. I made the unsuspecting whore bounce her titties up and down for my amusement、 all while capturing it on my hidden camera. When it was time for boom boom、 she insisted I wear a condom (dammit! I forgot to set the ground rules during the interview) but it was ok. As long as I could watch her big bazookas bounce up and down while drilling her smooth、 shaved pussy、 I could stay rock-hard. *****After a long blowjob and about 20 minutes of pounding her fresh twat、 I needed to unload. But there was no way in hell I was going to waste my precious sperm inside a condom. I had to cover this dumb hooker’s natural knockers with my hot、 sticky splooge、 so I made her bounce her tits up and down for me while I got my rocks off. It was really fun!*****I got Maye’s contact info and I might message her one of these days….but she will have to let me go bareback next time and dump my load into her womb. After all、 tits like hers need to be utilized for their full、 maximum potential – making milk for my future baby!!

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