Afternoon Delight With Sexy GoGo Dancer On Spycam!

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Afternoon Delight With Sexy GoGo Dancer On Spycam!

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Sometimes when pussy hunting on Walking Street in Pattaya you strike out…and sometimes you strike gold! On this past Thursday night while out drinking with some buddies、 I definitely struck the latter when my eyes landed on sexy Som shaking her ass on stage in a Soi Diamond go-go bar. Round、 ripe tits、 micro-thin waist、 perfect tight ass、 and beautiful eyes; I had to breed this fine specimen!*****So I did what any horny monger would do and barfined the beautiful hooker and took her back to my hotel room to bang her. In my semi-inebriated state、 I forgot to remove the lens cap on my hidden camera. Dammit! The sex was sooooooo good but I didn’t get it on film! I was really upset with myself later that night when I tried to review the footage.*****But if at first you don’t succeed…..try、 try again! I got Som’s number and invited her over for an afternoon romp before her shift started at the bar. Even in street clothes、 this whore looked stunning! I made her shower and change into a slutty outfit and then it was time to get down to business.*****Som had a lot of good attributes – pretty face、 tight tummy、 great tits、 sexy round ass – but her number one overall quality was her cocksucking ability. Wow、 this girl just loved to suck cock! A lot of the hotter girls on Walking Street think that because they’re so pretty and in such high-demand、 they don’t have to put any effort into serving the customer. They think they can just smile and look pretty and provide a couple of wet holes for the customer to plow into (which sometimes is fine)、 but when you meet a hooker who really knows how to serve a man、 it’s so refreshing. And sexy little Som was a blowjob machine!*****She got me hard as a rock、 and I proceeded to plow my 9-inch jackhammer into her dripping wet snatch in a variety of positions、 finally making her ride me cowgirl-style. I could feel the tight walls of her pussy squeezing my cock with every thrust、 just begging me to shoot my load inside. There was no doubt in my mind that this little hooker deserved a hot、 sticky creampie deep in her whore-hole. And that’s exactly what she got!*****Som was such a good performer that I’m definitely going to try and get some more scenes with her. Stay tuned guys!

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