Chubby Whore With Massive Milk Makers Filmed Fucking Customer

HD 巨乳 盗撮 ぽちゃ 外国人 生ハメ 中出し

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Chubby Whore With Massive Milk Makers Filmed Fucking Customer

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I know that in times past I’ve written about chubby、 fat chicks with derision. We’re all men、 we’ve all got different tastes、 but for me the sight of a girl with belly fat or stretch marks on her ass is offensive. Western girls are notorious for being flabby and chunky、 and then on top of that they have a holier-than-thou attitude and get offended if you don’t accept their pear-shaped frames. Yuck! Go on a diet! Go to the gym! Get those jelly rolls out of my face!*****HOWEVER…there are definitely times when a girl with a little heft is desirable to me. Maybe it’s that after plowing sexy skinny teens over and over again、 I want some variety? Maybe it’s that their proportionally bigger titties make them appear more fecund、 more able to bear my future offspring and produce a lot of milk? Maybe it’s that they have such low self-esteem they will degrade themselves even further than what I normally expect? Hmmmmm….I think it’s all of the above.*****Take this week’s spied-upon hooker for example: Dana. Dana was working the dayshift at one of Angeles City’s “Perimeter” bars. If you’re not familiar with the layout of AC、 the Perimeter bars are a couple kilometers away from the main strip of Walking Street bikini bars、 and they are known for being open during the day. Normally、 you’d see the hottest girls working on Walking Street (Upper Fields Ave.)、 the mid-range girls working just outside Walking Street (Lower Fields Ave.)、 and some of the lower tier girls working Perimeter. But this is not always the case、 as sometimes some really hot girls will work Perimeter simply because they can’t work nights for whatever reason. And ask some mongers and they’ll tell you Perimeter girls are the best、 hands down! Better service、 better attitudes、 and just as hot、 so to each their own.*****Dana was a fairly typical Perimeter girl in my opinion、 except she had one major asset that made her stand out from the rest of the girls. Wait、 make that TWO major assets – the two juicy、 round udders that popped out of her chest! This girl had massive melons、 and although she had a little bit of a tummy、 those big fat titties more than made up for it. I just had to squeeze her milk makers and test their quality、 so I called Dana down for a chat and proceeded to fondle her bouncy boobies at the table. She just smiled and giggled dumbly、 happy to be poked and prodded like a piece of meat. She told me she was 18 and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know teen girls could develop tits that size、 but here was living proof. I love this country so much..*****Another great thing about Perimeter bars is that the barfines are cheap! If I remember correctly、 the barfine was only 1、800 pesos (about $35)、 so I paid her barfine and had the bouncy bimbo back at my condo within 30 minutes、 eager to serve my cock. While she was in the bathroom、 I switched on my hidden camera and started filming. *****Dana was a great whore. She did everything I asked without complaining、 and let me bounce her on my lap like a doll、 allowing me to capture the jiggliness of her jugs in all their glory. After fucking her face for a few minutes、 I moved on to her fresh teen snatch. I didn’t even ask her if she wanted me to use a condom. I just slid it in and she didn’t say a word in protest. It was glorious.*****After about 20 minutes and multiple positions、 I couldn’t hold it anymore and had to shoot my load deep into this teen heifer’s tight cunt. The sight of her giant bouncing boobies bobbing up and down was too much for me and my breeding instincts took over. With tits like that、 my babies will never go hungry、 hehehe. I got Dana’s number and might just see her again. I wouldn’t mind watching a pair of tits like hers bouncing around as she cleaned my apartment…..hmmmmm….stay tuned.

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