Gorgeous Asian Teen Dreams of Getting Knocked Up

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Gorgeous Asian Teen Dreams of Getting Knocked Up

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When breeding females、 there are certain characteristics that a monger instinctively looks for: a pretty face、 nice tits、 a thin tummy、 and a nice、 round ass. A pretty face is important as you don’t want your offspring to be ugly. Nice tits are important because you want your baby to have plenty of lactic nourishment. A thin tummy is important because it shows that she hasn’t bred yet (after all、 you want to be the first male who knocks her up、 ensuring maximum maternal attention). And a round ass with a good hip-to-waist ratio is important because it shows that she has the physical ability to bear your baby for the full 9-month term. Many girls will have one or two of these features、 but it’s rare to find one who possesses them all.*****This week’s breeder Faith、 however、 came pretty damn close! Her tits weren’t huge、 but her soft puffy nipples gave me the indication that they would grow once inseminated. She didn’t have an ultra-wide hip-to-waist ratio、 but the roundness of her asscheeks in relation to her taut little tummy gave me the impression she could bear one of my large western babies. And her face? Absolutely beautiful! If she bears me a daughter、 she’ll definitely go on to be a supermodel. If she bears me a son、 besides growing up to be a doctor or lawyer、 he’ll probably be a handsome playboy、 slaying pussy all across the world like his Dad! *****Faith was just what I was looking for in a breeder: beautiful、 sexy、 and eager to be inseminated! From the moment she stepped into my apartment I could tell she was just dying to get knocked up. She wanted a foreign、 western baby and it showed. So being the kind、 altruistic gentleman that I am、 I gladly helped the little whore out….hehehe.*****Faith’s blowjob skills weren’t the best in the world、 but it didn’t matter. Her pretty face and slim body turned me on so much it wasn’t difficult to get rock hard. So I plowed my 9-inch tool deep into the little slut’s wet、 juicy cunt in every position I could imagine. When I felt as though I couldn’t hold it anymore、 my cock erupted like a geyser、 shooting load after load of hot、 virile sperm into the naive little teen’s perfect pussy、 making sure to deliver it deep into her uterus. *****I didn’t want a single drop of precious sperm to escape、 so I made sure her pussy was completely sealed with a wine cork. She didn’t understand what I was doing or why I was plugging her pussy、 but she went along with it. She’s a female、 after all. She knows her job is to look pretty and not think too much. So she cleared her mind and played with her phone for about 15 minutes while my sperm seeped deeper and deeper into her womb. When I finally uncorked her and my semen came slowly dripping out、 I felt a deep satisfaction; you don’t get to breed a specimen like this every day!

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