Big-Titted Teen Knocked Up By Well-Hung Foreigner

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Big-Titted Teen Knocked Up By Well-Hung Foreigner

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As much as I love spinners、 nothing sends breeding signals better than a girl with a nice set of ripe、 juicy udders popping out of her chest. It is a visual signal that the female will be able to adequately provide nourishment and sustenance to the man’s progeny for months、 or even years、 into the future. And when this week’s breeder、 Daisy、 walked into my apartment one afternoon looking for foreign sperm、 my eyes instantly gravitated to her two jiggling jugs that were hiding under her top. *****Daisy was no supermodel、 but since she had a nice set of naturally perky breasts、 she kept my attention. I made the little teenager strip down for me and change into a sexy red outfit that would accentuate her massive melons. Then it was time for a veterinary exam whereupon I squeezed and fondled little Daisy’s milk-makers to test their quality. She just stood there completely still and smiled、 allowing herself to be prodded and poked like a prized cow at a cattle auction. It was really hot.*****I decided then and there that little Daisy was a flower just waiting to bloom、 so I instructed the little calf to get me hard with a long、 slow blowjob and facefuck. Then it was time for breeding. I fucked Daisy’s fresh teen pussy in numerous positions before finally unloading my bull semen into her bovine breeding hole. She smiled and giggled as I corked her pussy、 fantasizing about my baby growing in her belly. After 15 minutes、 I uncorked my little teen calf and allowed the sperm to ooze out of her birth canal. *****Daisy smiled and was so happy I decided to breed her. I told her no problem and to let me know if the pregnancy was successful. Sure enough、 3 months later she texted me telling me she was definitely pregnant with my baby. She was so happy. And I was even happier knowing my baby is going to have some of the sweetest、 healthiest milk to drink for many many months ahead.

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