Big-Titted Bimbo Gets Bred by a Bull

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Big-Titted Bimbo Gets Bred by a Bull

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I met Jennie online and she wasn’t much fun. Bland and boring、 no personality to speak of. Still、 she was pretty、 a teenager (19) and wanted to get knocked-up by a western man、 and when I saw those two ripe juicy udders hanging off her chest in her profile picture、 I decided she’d be an acceptable cum receptacle for the evening. And besides、 it was mid-week and my other potential date canceled、 so why not? *****We skipped the dinner and drinks and I had Jennie come straight over to my apartment. I knew from texting her the past couple weeks that she was reaching her 24-hour period of maximum fertility in her cycle and I wanted to make sure my sperm were going to hit the target. After a quick、 cursory chat、 I made Jennie strip down so I could see her assets in person. Her tits were nice and plump and fun to squeeze. I knew that these massive mammaries were going to make plenty of milk for my future son or daughter、 so I told Jennie to blow me and get me nice and hard. *****Once sufficiently aroused、 I slid my 9-inch cock into Jennie’s smooth、 shaved cunt and fucked her in multiple positions、 finally delivering my sticky load into her birth canal while she was on her back. I made sure to put a pillow under her ass so the sperm would gravitate toward her egg、 then slid a giant cork into her gaping hole to plug her up. This time I used a cork for a whisky jug and it was too big for Jennie’s small Filipina pussy、 but I pushed it in anyway. (Lesson learned – next time only use wine corks、 haha). After 15 minutes、 I uncorked the little whore and sent her packing. Once my nuts are drained、 I have no interest in keeping these clueless little breeders around. But Jennie didn’t mind and thanked me profusely. And as expected、 a few months later Jennie texted me telling me she was pregnant. I could tell she was beaming with pride from having my strong、 western baby in her tummy. I told her to eat healthy and don’t drink spirits. She said of course、 she was going to be the best mommy ever. I said “Great!” and then promptly blocked her from my phone. Bye bye….

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