Sexy, Slim Bangmaid Showers, Shaves and Sucks

HD スリム 外国人 生ハメ お姉さん コスプレ

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Sexy, Slim Bangmaid Showers, Shaves and Sucks

Natasha Rose
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Natasha Rose

Sweet little Natasha is back again and eager to please. With her ultra-thin frame and beautiful face、 I simply can’t resist having her serve me again and again. I usually get tired of these naive sluts after a couple weeks but with Natasha I just can’t get enough.*****Natasha had forgotten to shave her pussy that morning and I noticed a little stubble. Bad girl! I was about to punish her by giving her a spanking、 but then had a change of heart. Maybe it would be more fun to film the little bimbo shaving her love box in the shower instead? Yeah、 I think so…*****I told Natasha that instead of punishing her I wanted to film her shaving and she was so happy and thankful. She knew she had been a bad maid and disappointed me、 so she was very grateful to avoid a vicious ass slapping. She hopped into the shower、 lathered her perfect figure with body lotion、 and went to work removing her unwanted、 offensive stubble. Good girl Natasha….You’re starting to fall back into my good graces.*****But of course、 watching my sweet teen bangmaid clean herself just turned me on more and more. I had to let my 9-inch cock get a taste of her freshly groomed fuckbox. After a nice slow blowjob、 I had the little slut ride me in the bathtub. I shagged the tiny teen in a few other positions before covering her pretty supermodel face with a thick layer of jizz. Now you look like a proper bangmaid、 honey. Fresh、 clean-shaven、 and covered in cum!

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