Sexy Asian Maid Dusts the Counters And the Boss Cock

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Sexy Asian Maid Dusts the Counters And the Boss Cock

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19-year-old Jennie was in desperate need of money、 so she did what any logical attractive southeast Asian teen would do: seek out employment from a rich foreigner. I told Jennie to come by my apartment、 and when she arrived I was very impressed. Well…I was impressed by the two round globes hanging off her chest at least.*****I made Jennie change into a sexy maid uniform and clean the house while I stroked my cock and ogled her fresh teen body. When I told her she needed to boom-boom me if she wanted to get the job、 she seemed upset at first but quickly resigned herself to her fate. She was a woman in southeast Asia after all; she existed to serve.*****Still、 despite the fact that she allowed me to do whatever I wanted to her fresh holes、 her attitude soured towards the end of the session. She started getting whiny and complaining about her pussy getting sore. This greatly turned me off、 so I decided to punish the little whore by unloading my baby gravy all over her pretty face and in her hair. She was upset that I came in her hair、 but I thought it was pretty funny. Regardless、 I don’t think Jennie will make my regular rotation of fresh teen maid service、 but I’ll probably hire her once or twice a month to come over and clean the toilets…and if she’s lucky I’ll let her clean out my asshole as well..

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