Busty Brainless Bangmaid Blows the Boss

HD 巨乳 ぽちゃ 外国人 コスプレ ハメ撮り

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Busty Brainless Bangmaid Blows the Boss

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I had arranged to interview this week’s Bangmaid based on some facebook photos she showed me. Classic mistake. She must’ve sent me photos from years ago、 because when 19-year-old Queenie showed up at my door、 she definitely wasn’t as attractive as her photos suggested. Just a little too chubby for my taste and not pretty enough. *****Still、 she had a nice set of fat、 ripe udders hanging off her chest and I could tell from looking at her she knew how to deepthroat. So instead of canceling the interview、 I decided to proceed and see what this well-endowed little porker could do.*****I made Queenie change into a sexy maid outfit and told her to pop her juicy jugs out of the uniform and clean the house. As I groped her and squeezed her sweater meat、 she didn’t protest at all. She seemed resigned to her fate as a foreign man’s servant、 so she allowed herself to be prodded and poked with no complaints.*****Normally、 I would conclude an interview by dumping a load of sperm deep into the candidate’s cunt、 but there was something about Queenie’s mouth that made me want to dump it there. I didn’t even want to test out Queenie’s other holes – I just wanted to fuck her face. So for about half an hour I thrust my 9-inch cock in and out of Queenie’s mouth to see how much throat-fucking she could endure. I was pretty impressed! She didn’t gag or puke much at all! *****She did such a good job that I decided to reward the little whore with a nice fresh coat of warm sticky jizz all over her face. Don’t worry honey、 I’m doing you a favor. You are not naturally very pretty、 so you’re going to need all the cosmetic help you can get. And my semen is great makeup for girls with your complexion.

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