Sexy Slim Filipina Gets Creampied at Job Interview

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Sexy Slim Filipina Gets Creampied at Job Interview

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This week’s Bangmaid、 Precious、 was a real gem. I just love interviewing girls like her. Cute、 energetic、 sexy、 and eager to serve. She was SUPER tiny (4’9” and under 80 lbs) but don’t let her small size fool you – she easily made up for it in sexual energy!*****Precious was desperate to get hired and eager to prove she was worthy of the job. I instructed the little whore to clean my house in a sexy maid outfit while I stroked my cock and ogled her tight、 teen body. She just giggled when I pinched her ass or groped her tits、 behaving in exactly the way I expect my maids to behave. When you’re working for a foreign man and you’re on the clock、 your body becomes his property.*****When Precious started blowing me、 I was in heaven. She was such a good cocksucker and showed a true reverence to all 9 inches of my cock、 licking it、 stroking it、 and sucking it deep into her empty、 teeny-bopper mouth. I felt the urge to pump this little teen firecracker full of my jizz、 and after fucking her in numerous positions、 I flooded the young teen’s silky-smooth vagina with load after load of life giving sperm.*****No question I’m going to keep this sexy little maid around for a long time.

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