College-Educated Slut Still Sucks Cock For Money

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College-Educated Slut Still Sucks Cock For Money

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In southeast Asia、 education can only get you so far. Sure、 you could spend four years after high school studying at a university、 but even then、 job opportunities that pay well are limited. Take this week’s Bangmaid for example: Lena.*****Unlike most of the girls in my harem of maids、 Lena actually graduated from high school and even went to college. But even with her advanced education、 she was still having trouble finding good work. Fortunately for me、 Lena’s dismal job search made her come to her senses and realize that the only way a female is going to get ahead in Asia is by smiling、 keeping quiet、 and obeying powerful men.*****I was happy Lena understood this harsh reality and even happier when she took my 9-inch cock into her mouth and started sucking like a good girl. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was disappointed that even after years of college she was still relegated to the role of a foreign man’s cum rag、 but she seemed to stoically accept her fate. After pounding Lena’s pussy on the couch and on the kitchen table、 I finally unloaded my hot sticky semen deep into her highly educated whore-hole.

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