18-Year Old Teeny Bopper Gets Impregnated On Hidden Camera

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18-Year Old Teeny Bopper Gets Impregnated On Hidden Camera

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I met beautiful teen Lily at a mall in Angeles City. She was originally from Cebu City、 but recently moved to Angeles for work. She was hanging around outside SM Mall looking for customers、 and I was happy to oblige. For the cost of a meal at a fast-food restaurant、 I could have this slim、 pretty whore slobbering all over my big cock and then impregnate her? Fuck yeah! I love the Philippines.*****When we were back at my hotel room、 she immediately started doing her job. She took my giant tool into her pretty mouth slowly and reverently、 as if it was the most sacred thing in the world to her. Then I pulled her skinny frame on top of me and started lowering her onto my throbbing wood. She asked me if I wanted to use a condom and I said "no way." She didn't protest at all、 and allowed it to slide right in.*****I was surprised at how tight she was! Most whores I bang are pretty loose and used up、 even the younger ones、 but Lily was tight as a glove. I could barely fit my cock in more than halfway、 but it felt so nice!After fucking Lily in a few different positions、 I decided it was finally time to make this whore a mommy. I turned her around doggystyle and unleashed a torrent of sperm into her receptive womb. As the sperm slowly dripped out、 she smiled and thanked me for giving her such a valuable、 life-changing gift. No problem sweetie…now get the fuck out of my hotel room.

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