Cute Thin Hooker Impregnated By Big Foreign Cock

HD ロリ 盗撮 スリム 外国人 生ハメ 中出し

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Cute Thin Hooker Impregnated By Big Foreign Cock

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I assume a lot of you guys have spent time in the Philippines、 but if you haven’t、 you really should go. So many beautiful、 desperate girls willing to do anything to get a foreign man’s attention. And everything in the country is sooooooo cheap! Food、 drinks、 hotel rooms…and especially pussy. (Too harsh??)*****I’d been out all night drinking with some buddies on Fields Avenue in Angeles City、 hopping from bikini bar to bikini bar evaluating the local talent. As nothing really caught my eye that night、 I decided to call it an early evening and head back to the room. I had a lunch date with a really cute、 fertile 18-year-old that I was planning on impregnating the next day、 so might as well get some rest. However、 if I saw something I wanted to pump my load into on the walk home、 I might reconsider. *****And skinny、 streetwalking Divina was exactly what I was looking for. Tall、 slim、 and cheap. I saw Divina on the side of a busy street、 soliciting her wares、 and decided to take her back to my room. For the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks、 I had the little hooker bobbing her head up and down on my massive tool in no time!*****I fucked Divina in many positions、 but the condom was a real turn off. She was exhausted from the brutal pounding、 so I told her the only way I could cum was if I took the condom off. She agreed with no arguments、 and I slipped it off and slipped my cock back in her wet whore-hole. After a minute or two、 I blew a massive load into the deepest recesses of her tiny Filipina cunt. She immediately ran to the bathroom to try and wash the sperm out、 but my alpha sperm are too quick! Wash all you want baby、 but you're going to be a mommy in 9 months、 hehehe.

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