Beautiful Indonesian Escort Creampied on Spycam

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Beautiful Indonesian Escort Creampied on Spycam

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If you guys haven’t been to Indonesia、 you should go. Sure、 the mongering is not as in-your-face as places like Thailand and the Philippines、 but if you are adventurous and patient、 there are jewels to be found. In fact、 I honestly think some of the most beautiful women in the world are from the Spice Islands.*****Although not big on gogo/bikini bars、 Indonesia has a thriving escort service with some high quality fuckmeat for sale. I happened to be in Bali for a short business trip and decided to mix in a little pleasure as well. I browsed a reputable escort website that I’d used before、 and one whore in particular stood out to me: Putri.*****Sometimes escorts are a gamble; they don’t always look like they do on their profile picture (surprise surprise). But when Putri showed up to my hotel room in her short black skirt and push-up bra、 I was very very happy. Long curly black hair、 dark chocolate skin、 ripe breasts、 and a killer smile that just sucked me in. I knew right then and there I needed to breed this fine specimen.*****We had some drinks、 she let me take some pictures、 and then it was down to business. Putri knew how to service a foreign man and deep-throated me like a pro. A lot of Asian girls struggle with my 9-inch cock、 but this little hooker was obviously trained well. She bobbed up and down on my rock hard dick like a bobble-head doll and I was loving every second.*****She asked me to use a condom but I said no. Instead of protesting、 she just smiled、 said okay、 and let me slide it right in. Fuck yes! Her Balinese pussy was exquisite…so wet and silky and smooth. After a few different positions、 I knew I needed to make this whore a mommy. I already have countless kids in Southeast Asia、 but none in Indonesia. It’s my sacred duty to my ancestors to spread my genes as far and wide as possible、 so I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity! So while she was riding me hard、 my balls tightened up and I unleashed a torrent of life-giving semen into her fertile cunt.*****She didn't mind. In fact、 she was outright happy I decided she was worthy enough to breed. Most girls run to the bathroom to wash out their pussies after getting creampied、 but Putri just sat there on top of me smiling、 letting it seep deeper and deeper into her womb. *****After about 15 minutes when I was sure my mighty alpha sperm had found their way to her egg、 I told her she needed to leave. Doesn't she know I'm a busy man and have other whores to breed? Still、 I gave her my contact info so she could let me know when the baby was due、 and she thanked me profusely. And sure enough、 9 months later she sent me a photo of herself smiling with a cute little mixed-race baby: looks like I turned this pretty little hooker into a mommy!

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