Sexy Slut With Fake Boobs Rides Monster Cock, Secretly Filmed

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Sexy Slut With Fake Boobs Rides Monster Cock, Secretly Filmed

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I know I've said before that I don't really like fake tits、 but sometimes I can't resist them either. Enter Bee. I met this cute、 energetic 19-year old at a gogo bar in Bangkok and was drawn to her silicone titties like a moth to a flame. She was dancing around the pole in white lingerie、 and there was something about her petite frame juxtaposed with her perfectly symmetrical round globes that sucked me right in. *****I called Bee down for a drink and began conducting my "interview" by instructing the whore to remove her white lace bra and show me her assets. She obediently did as she was told、 but cautioned me: "Please be gentle Sir、 my boobs brand new." It turns out Bee started working at the bar at age 18 and she was naturally flat chested. So she saved up her money and on her 19th birthday got some "enhancements" done、 which was last week. So her tits were very sensitive. *****I gently ran my hands over her ripe new melons and watched with satisfaction how she'd wince in pain every time I'd squeeze them. Then I made her pull down her panties so I could inspect her whore-holes. They looked fresh and tight、 so I decided right then to make this little teeny my girlfriend for the night.As luck would have it、 Bee was a total nympho! She loved sex、 and although she struggled with the size of my cock at first、 she eventually took it like a champ. I banged her in every position I could think of、 then unloaded my jizz all over her brand new boobies. You could tell how happy she was that her new breasts gave a man so much pleasure. You’re a good girl Bee. You know that you exist in life to bring enjoyment and satisfaction to the superior sex、 and you modify your body accordingly.

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