Sexy slim Asian maid gets pounded by huge cock

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Sexy slim Asian maid gets pounded by huge cock

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Sexy slim Asian maid gets pounded by huge cock:Elisa

Finding good maid service in southeast Asia is actually harder than it looks. Sure、 in terms of cooking and cleaning、 these girls are a dime-a-dozen. But an extremely important aspect of being a good maid is to be sexually appealing at all times to the boss、 and often the girls I interview just don’t make the cut. Not pretty enough、 not skinny enough、 too old…the list goes on and on. That’s why when I do find a hidden gem who can be all of the above、 I like to keep her around for a while.Which brings me to Elisa: When this sexy 18-year-old teen stepped into my condo for a job interview、 my heart (and dick) leapt in joy. Wow、 so fucking cute! She had a beautiful face、 nice small teenage tits、 and a perfect little pussy that was about as tight as they come. And every time I’d ask her a question or give her instructions、 she’d cover her mouth and giggle in a coy、 demure way and it turned me on immensely.When I told Elisa she needed to strip down to the nude while she dusted the house、 she was definitely shy at first. But she didn’t protest as I stripped her bra and panties off、 exposing her barely budding teen boobies and her perfect、 silky-smooth pussy. She knew what this job was really about…As I watched the little whore walk around my condo in nothing but high heels、 I was overwhelmed by the urge to impregnate this little breeder. So after she gave me a nice、 long blowjob and I fucked her in multiple positions、 I finally dumped my sticky load deep into Elisa’s perfect teen pussy. I let her know that she was hired and she thanked me profusely. No problem sweetie、 now clean up this mess you made all over the floor!

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