Thailand teen first-timer gets creampied

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Thailand teen first-timer gets creampied

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Walking into a 7/11 or Family Mart in Thailand is a daily event. Water for thirst、 a canned coffee for energy、 and gum because fresh breath is a priority in my life. As a foreigner、 I don't pay much attention to the soup carts out front as I don't like eating hot soup in 90-degree temperate. But today I happened to notice a cute girl helping what looks like her Aunt. She was so cute I had to meet her. And yes、 today I will be having the soup. Her name is Kandi and she's just 18 years old. I flirted with Kandi in my limited Thai and won her affection. Over the next few days、 I stopped by the food cart to get some soup and actually started liking it. Now I see the appeal. Anyway、 it was time to make my move、 so I asked if I could take Kandi out and got permission from her Aunt. As a cart attendant、 she would wear the basic Isan jeans、 top、 and sandals with a ponytail. But when I took her out later、 she was wearing a bright shiny dress、 makeup、 and her hair was straightened. She was gorgeous. Our afternoon date to the mall was cute and casual and then I invited her back to my place. When I revealed my cameras she got a little nervous. Definitely、 a first timer here and I had the feeling only 1 or 2 guys have witnessed her naked. After Kandi was naked、 I ate her sweet candy pussy until she was dripping wet. Then I inserted my raw cock right into her little hairless cunt. I fucked Kandi in missionary before turning her over to fuck her doggy-style. Her ass and her arch were such an incredible view. I held on as long as I could as I watched my cock going in and out of her young 18-year-old pussy. And then I lost it. I shot my entire old man load deep inside her youthful cunt. She turned over and the camera watched it all drip out. Well、 not all…I'm sure a few hundred thousand sperms are on their way to her egg. Well、 I like that soup and someone has to manage that cart in the future.

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